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Local Government Unit
Cebu Province  

THE history of Cebu goes way beyond 439 years ago when the island became a province at the start of the Spanish colonization.

Long before that, Cebu was already the center of trade of what is now the southern Philippines, dealing with traders from China, Malaysia, Japan, India, Burma and other parts of Asia. Cebu already had an organized social structure before the Spaniards came--- with small groups headed by a datu who served as leader. A datu governed his community, settled disputes, made decisions, protected his village from enemies, led them into battle, and received labor and tributes from his people.

The position being both a political office and a social class, his authority was taken from his lineage, although his power depended on his wealth, the number of subjects and his reputation for physical prowess.

A community ranged from 30 to 100 households grouped as a barangay and was one based mostly on kinship. Aside from the datu, there were free men called timawa and then the olipon. Spanish reports called the role of an olipon as dependent rather than a slave, because of the absence of violence and harshness notable in European slavery.

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Executive Brief
Strategic Location
: Longtitude 123°18' and 124°40' east
: 9°25 and 11°21' north
Congressional Districts
: 6
Land Area in Hectare
: 508,844
Chartered Cities
: 2
Component Cities
: 7
: 44
: 1,202
: 2,377,588
: 2,876
Income Classification
: 1st
Distance From Capital
: 588 kilometers (365 miles)
Time Travel From Capital
: 1 hour by plane
Boundaries North
: Visayan Sea
: Camotes Sea
: Tañon Strait
: Mindanao Sea
: Bohol Strait

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