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DILG7’s Customized PPAs


DILG7's Customized PPAs


  The DILG-7 continues to put premium in the implementation of innovative measures which aim to strengthen regional and field operations, respond to the challenges of the changing times, and maximize the potential of its personnel complement.
Search for Best LGUs in Planning and Budgeting   Call Center on Local Governance Program  
The DILG-7, in partnership with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH or GIZ Decentralization Program (GIZ-DP), have come up with the Search for Best LGUs in Planning and Budgeting, an Incentive Program for effective harmonization of local planning and budgeting.   DILG7 established its Call Center on Local Governance Program as an initiative to strengthen the operations of its Local Governance Resource Center (LGRC), a dynamic, interactive and virtual program that contributes to building the DILG as a knowledge centric organization (KCO) and builds learning communities that pursue local governance excellence through knowledge sharing and innovation.  
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Team Approach on Coordinated Tasks (TACT)   DILG-7 Seal of Excellence in 5S Program  
TACT is a clientele-centered service operational strategy of DILG7 for effective and efficient program implementation and staff development.   Finding the relevance of 5S or the 5 Pillars of a workplace as a systematic process of work area organization, DILG-7 has been practicing good housekeeping.
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ISO 9001 QMS Certification   Ten Outstanding Barangay Officials of the Year (Toboy)  
In prelude to our application for ISO, DILG7 has completed/updated its policy guidelines/SOPs on 5S, Call Center on Local Governance, and TACT Strategy. Such innovations will be integrated in the formula- tion of the DILG-7 Manual of Operations to be conducted in CYs 2011-2012.   TOBOY is an awards program designed for barangay officials (Punong Barangay, Barangay Kagawad, SK Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer).
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Personnel Development   Yearend Evaluation Conference  
Conduct of Monday Convocations. DILG7 institutionalized the conduct of regular convocation every Monday, the activity that serves as an avenue for the management and employees to interact on matters concerning office operations and management.   DILG7 winds up every year with its traditional but fitting activity dubbed as Yearend Evaluation Conference and Awarding Ceremonies.
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