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Orientation Program For The Barangay Newly Elected Officials Underway
January 17, 2008

The orientation program for the barangay newly elected officials in region 7 is set to take off in the first week of February this year to end at the last day of the same month. Simultaneous orientation-trainings for the DILG-7 key officials and field officers will take place within the last week of January.

With the tasks ahead in the barangays, DILG-7 Regional Director Pedro A. Noval, Jr. says that, “DILG 7 is ready to provide the Barangay and SK Officials the skills and orientation seminars and workshops on how they go about their jobs. The re-elected ones will have a refresher on how to face new and more challenging problems.”

The trainings are geared towards assisting barangay officials in their tasks as policy maker, program planner, implementer and provider of basic services and facilities in their respective barangays. The barangay, as the basic political unit of the Republic, is the cradle of all the larger communities. It means that the baby of development of the larger communities must be nurtured in the barangays.

The Program will be conducted in three (3) parts and will be implemented by the Department in collaboration with the DILG Regional Offices and in partnership with the Local Government Units, the Local Resource Institutes, the Media and the other Stakeholders.

To implement the program, DILG-7 will employ the Team Approach on Coordinated Tasks (TACT) strategy and workplace training wherein the TACT Cluster Teams composed of the DILG-7 field officers will be going to every LGU belonging to the cluster of municipalities and cities to conduct the training.

The General Orientation on Barangay Governance and Development aims to enhance the competencies of barangay officials in the basics of governance. Specifically, the salient topics include the Barangay Government Structure and Organization, Barangay Powers and Services, Duties, Functions and Benefits of Barangay Officials, Basics of Barangay Development Planning, Barangay Finance and Barangay Legislation. A tool to carry all these out is through a Radyo Aralan, in which, the participants in a classroom are made to listen to a recorded tape from which reflections and sharing of views and experiences are allowed.

The Barangay NEO likewise sees into the strengthening of the Barangay Based Institutions such as the Barangay Development Council, the Barangay Peace and Order Committee, the Barangay Disaster Coordinating Council, and the Lupong Tagapamayapa.

The NEO program is in line with the DILG’s commitment to the Philippine Development Forum (PDF) to come up with a holistic capacity development intervention that will help local governments, including the barangays, come up with a term-based development road map consistent with the current development agenda of the national government.